4th of July lakestyle

4th of July lakestyle

It’s Sunday morning and I’m feeling sentimental, remembering past 4th of July celebrations, so I started looking back at old pictures from our Alabama lake house.  This will be a short trip down memory lane because I can’t find alot of the past party pictures. Must be on an old phone or in the “cloud,” that has disappeared.  Anyway, I wanted to share a few.

We loved this place near Florence, Alabama.  For those of you who are new to my blog, you wouldn’t know that our beloved lake house burned down nearly two years ago. We were lucky that my stepson got out safely but we lost the house we’d enjoyed for 14 years.  I’d say we probably hosted friends or had parties most of those 4th of July holidays, and loved decorating the house.  We hung flags and banners in multiple spots, on the house or the dock, to celebrate America’s birthday.

This particular summer brought out my favorite blue hydrangeas that loved their spot under the deck.  I always used them in arrangements around the house and porch with miniature flags and daisies from the yard.

If we still had this place, I’d be out right now picking the flowers, and then probably making a run to the local garden center for a few red geraniums or whatever else looked good to put on my tables.

Of course Keith always had a flag displayed on our boat too, as did so many other patriotic boaters on Lake Wilson.

Someone even had a phone cover with the flag design.  And I just realized that pretty blue beach bag under the boat seats that had a red monogram on it burned up in the fire.  You can never remember all that you’ve lost.

One year we had a large party and Keith cooked a pig on the jumbo grill his friend John Embry built for him. We had a torrential storm the night the guys cooked the pig, thus the tarp. But the next day, the sun came out and we fed an army.   It takes a village to cook a pig. 

I really hate to see the entire pig laid out on the tray, but I have to say it was absolutely delicious and fed nearly one hundred friends and family members.

Wish I could dig up more of our house pictures from those celebrations but this is it for now.  I’ll be featuring another lake house this week so stay tuned.

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July with your family and friends, whether it’s on the lake, in your back yard, or wherever you love to spend time celebrating our beautiful country.


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