About Me

“Ready to go?”

According to my mother, that was my first sentence. Of course it was a question.

Coat in hand, by my grandmother’s door, I was ready to head out for whatever adventure Mom would take me on that day. My desire to be on the move, as well as curiosity and a love of words and writing led to a television news career which took me countless places.

I’m grateful for the hospitality shown to me, as a reporter hunting for a story. But now I will be knocking on doors for another reason. I want to see your house!

My passion, besides my family, travel and books, is houses. I love to see how people express their creativity at home, whether it’s whimsical,elegant, edgy or traditional.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog. To share these touches and to get inside the minds of some of our city’s most creative interior designers to show us what inspires them. And not just designers. People who have flair and great taste and don’t decorate or design for a living.

Whether it’s a bungalow, a sleek high rise condo or a country home in the rolling hills of Tennessee….I want to tell your story of home.

Style, comfort, sentimentality, functionality. All influence our choices in our homes and how we decorate them.

I hope to inspire, share clever ideas and find new resources for your own place.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s start exploring.

I hope you’ll go on this journey of beautiful spaces and ideas with me, cause home is happiness.