Brittany Fuson style

Brittany Fuson style

She’s young. She’s an artist. And she has a successful paper company with illustrations that have garnered her thousands upon thousands of fans.  I got to see how popular Brittany Fuson is recently at Christmas Village where she did the branding for the show, and sold a lot of her goods.

Fuson, who grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee has a knack for drawing stylish young women in fashionable garb and glasses with great lashes doing what we all do, whether it’s working, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends, or shopping and always looking good doing it!!!

Fuson, who graduated with an apparel design degree from the University of Alabama, always loved to draw and spent hours and hours practicing the art of fashion illustration. She told me she would even draw, or “doodle” on church bulletins when she was young. But that doodling eventually led to doing this for a living.

Late in her senior year of college, she was trying to figure out what to give her friends for graduation gifts so she made them her guinea pigs and created one-of-a-kind stationery for each of them. That really was the beginning of Brittany Fuson Paper that’s now in demand.

At this year’s show,  besides notecards and other papers, she also sold drinking glasses, tee shirts and cool bandanas.

Of course I was intrigued with this young entreprenuer and curious about how someone with her creative mind expresses herself at home.  So she agreed to have me over to see for myself and take pictures of her condo in the popular area known as the Gulch in Nashville.

The Icon is one of the soaring skyscrapers in the trendy neighborhood near downtown that’s a real magnet for energetic and creative people.

This is the urban space where she lives and works, creating her whimsical drawings.

The condo doesn’t reflect her art.  It’s mostly white. Brittany says that’s because she sees so much color in her work all day so a super clean look is what she prefers for her surroundings.

There’s no clutter here. Just a few pretty accent pieces and family photos.

The mirrored wall  behind her couch reflects the light pouring in from the condo’s large windows and makes the area feel a lot bigger.  She loves Christmas so her tree is ready and lights are on!

I love the fact that Brittany’s father built her cabinets and desk in the living room as well as other pieces of furniture.  Her parents are DIYers!  No wonder she’s creative!  There are several of her drawings by her work area.

When her dad first built the storage space, it was full of her paperwork and tools of the trade, but now look what she keeps in them!

How great is this? As you might have guessed by looking at her drawings, she loves shoes and has a nice collection of them. But with limited space in her condo, this is where they live.

Brittany loves heels but says she tends to wear more flat shoes and casual clothes these days. After all, she spends alot of time working at home.

Her kitchen is dark brown, not her favorite. She says if she could do it over, she would make it all white. I think it’s a nice contrast to the rest of the area since her living room is so bright.

This vignette is perfect.  Love the interesting cutting boards, rosemary plant and a silver ornament. Other silver and white accents stand out on a traditional dresser in the modern setting.

Her bedroom carries on the white theme, from the bedding to the lamps, curtains and accessories.

Her dad also built the headboard,  then Brittany and her mom covered it in fabric. The art on the wall is from her senior project in college.

Brittany is a good shopper and loves to find deals. More on that in the enewsletter coming out next week for subscribers.

She’s lived in her condo for five years and has done a beautiful job of keeping that clean yet cozy urban look but l’m also excited to watch for the next place she lands to see what her creative mind designs.

So glad I met this designing young woman with great taste and lashes!

   Thanks to Brittany for opening her home during such a busy time of the year.  Look for her new planner/calendar coming out soon and she’s trying to launch a sweatshirt collection by Xmas.  You can find her on Instagram @brittanyfuson  and on line,











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