Celia, just Celia

Celia, just Celia

I knew that I’d like artist Celia Turner before I met her. Some of her closest friends had already clued me in. They said I needed to feature her home and I could tell from looking at her instagram feed I would be interested in meeting her and getting inside her home so I finally did! And as you’ll see, it’s like her; warm, eclectic and vibrant! Celia describes her style as “grandma meets modern!” All I can say is she’s got style in her home and her wardrobe!!! (title “Celia, just Celia” is the name of her instagram account:) )

Before she takes us inside, you have to see the gorgeous piece of property on a lovely road in Nashville that used to be considered “out in the country.” This is where Celia and her husband moved 20 years ago. First they lived next door, then moved into this house that had originally belonged to woodblock artist Ernest Pickup. How fitting that a painter and her family would one day call it home!

The exterior belies what’s inside. From the stately simplicity of the white home without embellishment, to an interior exuding so much character.

See what I mean?!? The bright patterned wallpaper, velvet chair, pillows, rug and collection of other objects and mix of colors and textures add up to ECLECTIC 🙂 I love the fact that the duck mount is courtesy of Celia’s daughter’s hunting skills, and the ram came from her hunting at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta!

House of Hackney wallpaper

Celia says she likes stuff, but not clutter, and stuff with a fun and witty edge. But she also mixes religious art with the fun. Some of her favorite places to shop to find vintage pieces and antiques include Nashville Flea Market, Gilchrist and Gilchrist, Decent Folk Vintage, Gas Lamp Antiques, and Bleu 32 in Columbia along with Etsy.

Another example of the fun is the picture of the “happy couple” as she refers to the piece over the mantle in the main living room. She doesn’t know them but liked it. Notice her assortment of colorful glass bottles on the round table, and other interesting accents throughout.

Celia’s husband is a builder who did a lot of the work in the house, including the kitchen. Even though they updated it twenty years ago, it looks current with stainless steel shelves, a cool concrete island with a handsome base and painted cabinets. He knocked out walls to give the family more room.

A long hallway connects the main living space to the couple’s primary suite which they added in recent years.

Before you get there, you have to stop and notice the art, and then her seasonal display around the corner.

I really could have hung around for hours looking at her things but didn’t want to wear out my welcome!

They decided instead of adding a large primary bathroom, they’d rather have his and hers, which are as feminine and masculine as you can get! First hers.

From the pink painted wooden walls, to strips of different wallpaper to the fringe trimmed draperies and lighting, it’s very soft.

Her husband’s is as masculine as hers is feminine.

And then the bedroom is a surprise, too, with its color palette that runs up across the ceiling. Such a bold choice and it all works together, the old and new.

So unusual! Celia uses her mother-in-law’s velvet headboard, and she found the lamps at a junk shop in Alabama. And see the quilt? It looks old but she bought it at Pottery Barn and dyed it! That’s an artist for you!!!

Before we get upstairs, there’s another charming reading room near the back and several other points of interest. First the library.

You’ll notice the David Arm paintings in this space. He’s a good friend and neighbor.

Even her throws are unique! And every bathroom has interesting light fixtures and other accents to keep them eye catching as well.

In the back hallway is another focal point. The wall is papered and there’s a unique piece above the lovely cabinet by mixed media artist Sloane Bibb. Celia commissioned it.

There are two staircases in the home. The front one is lovely and quite different from the back staircase off the kitchen. And wait ’til we get upstairs!

White painted floors, walls and pops of color make this bedroom dreamy.

Cool painting is by Trevor Mikula.

The bathroom is also a gem. Celia’s husband built the vanities. She found the fun light fixtures at Anthropologie Home.

The children’s rooms are equally interesting.

If you thought I’d include her art studio out back, you’re right. I have to give you a peek, but then I’ll save the rest for another article. There’s just too much to unpack in one blog post!

What a fun morning with this beautiful artist. Stay tuned for a closer look at Celia’s studio and the lovely grounds this home and studio sit on. A real Nashville gem, like her.

  • Geneen cook
    Posted at 05:16h, 08 April Reply

    I just loved it..!

  • Delisa Golden
    Posted at 21:34h, 07 April Reply


  • Dana Oman
    Posted at 14:38h, 07 April Reply

    As fun and beautiful as Celia herself!

  • Angela Graham
    Posted at 09:58h, 07 April Reply

    Omg! I have been scrutinizing every picture for over an hour! So much to take in! Fantastic!

  • Elizabeth Scruggs
    Posted at 07:41h, 07 April Reply

    Oh I love this- how beautiful!
    I love it when someone is true to themselves when decorating their home, and not just following some trend or what they see online or in a magazine.
    THAT is what makes a house a home- when it reflects it’s owner.
    When it tells a story all by itself.

    Thanks for sharing Celia’s home- I can’t wait to see her studio!
    and her art! omigoodness!

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