Country retreat

Country retreat


It began with a barn.  A very nice barn.  Beautiful stained wood, lots of windows and lanterns.


But then the owner decided to build a cabin.



It used to be a one room cabin.   But as time went on, it’s grown,  and the entire property has gone through several transformations.



This country retreat occupies 60 acres west of Nashville in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.  It’s a stone’s throw from the Golf Club of Tennessee.  I had been here several times over the years because the owner is a friend of my husband’s and mine. But he continues to tweak the land and buildings on it, and it has become spectacular.

Let me start with the barn.


This isn’t just any old barn. Yes, he stores equipment in part of it, but there’s also a bar at one end, and a guest bedroom, just in case a friend might want to stay and relax a little longer. That would be so easy to do here.




And his plane has a home here too.  The owner often flies to work.  Not a bad way to get around, especially from a remote location.




When he decided to build a cabin, the homeowner’s friend, architect Bobby McAlpine walked the land with him and they settled on a spot near the creek that was overgrown.  Like everything else, the cabin has gone through changes. Now it’s a home.


The home is masculine, yet elegant.




One of the features I love is the horizontal wood planking on the walls.  It adds great texture to the already interesting home that is big on style, yet understated.


Designer Ray Booth did the interior of the cabin and barn.


Another dominant feature is beautiful linen draperies that frame almost every room like a piece of art. A subtle and soothing transition between spaces.



I also love his light fixtures, especially the metal sconces.



To enjoy the creek and beautiful countryside, several porches and a fire pit surround the home.




And did I mention there’s a pool, and a brand new pool house?



This 16 by 16 foot space is more like a guest suite.  I love the simplicity and the large chandeleir in the small space. There’s also a full bath in the pool house.


Another one of my favorite things is the pair of airplane blueprints that hang above the bed;  a nod to the owner’s love of aviation.




The property has evolved over the last fifteen years.  And to think, the owner always thought he’d build his main house on top of a hill that overlooks the entire area. That has yet to happen. It might, but until then, what a way to spend your free time.


Whether you’re sitting by the creek…..or gazing at the pool and land beyond…..


… can take a deep breath, and say it’s good to be home.


Sources:  Bobby McAlpine    Ray Booth  Peter Fleming

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