Designer decorates her own house

Designer decorates her own house

Welcome to southern hospitality, and a home that is brimming with color and countless beautiful Christmas decorations.

I figured that Nancy Ferrell’s Christmas decorations would be pretty fabulous.  She’s a designer so of course I assumed it would be totally decked out, but her home was even beyond expectations. Come on in.

My husband and I had been to Nancy and Kristi’s house for a party once before in the fall, so I knew it was a gorgeous home, but seeing it dressed up for the holidays was an entirely different experience.

The living room tree is aglow with the prettiest shade of red glass antique balls that are opaque, and frosted swirly ones and when the lights are on, it’s spectacular!

Most of Nancy’s clients are in Atlanta where she used to live and she decorated six homes there right after Thanksgiving then dove into her own treasure trove of ornaments.  As a matter of fact, she spent eight hours hanging delicate Christopher Radko glass ornaments on just one tree in the master bedroom.

And as long as we’re counting,  I’ll go ahead and tell you that there are 342 Radko ornaments on this tree!   They are all sentimental, and many were gifts. She has kept track of how many ornaments she owns since they’re so precious to her.

There’s the breast cancer Santa in pink.  And then an ornament representing adoption with children holding hands.

Nancy is so protective of these special ornaments that she wouldn’t let her movers touch them. She packed them herself and drove them from Atlanta to Nashville!

If you’re still counting, that’s two Christmas trees, but we’re not finished with the tour yet.

The kitchen has its own tree, covered in fruit ornaments.  See the swimming pool?  That outdoor space is worthy of an entire blog next summer!  But back to Christmas.

Quite the stylish Santa sits on the kitchen island.  Another Christopher Radko design.

And the covered porch off the living room and master bedroom is ready for Santa.

But wait Santa.  There’s one more tree where you can leave packages!

This one is upstairs with a very special Elf who is beside himself with holiday spirit!!!!!  Nancy and Kristi definitely have a wonderful sense of humor.

This tree is full of personal family ornaments and even a hand written note from Kristi’s son when he was young.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is full of good cheer and yes, some humor too!  Thanks to Kristi and Nancy for their hospitality.


The merriest of Christmases to all of you.  Wishing for peace on earth and good will toward men now and every season.

Stylish Retreats will be back after the holidays!  Thank you for reading and sharing.



































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