Dream dressing room

Dream dressing room

If you know the Woodlawn area of West Nashville, you probably recognize this beauty.  She’s a four square Colonial Revival that was built in 1923 and has been home to the Hatfields, two technology road warriors, (they call themselves!!!) for the last twelve years. They love coming home to her.

Ever since I found out they were remodeling the third floor and turning part of it into a closet/dressing room, I was curious.  I’ve been asking Glenda for a peek for months!  I knew it would be something special given the rest of the house that I’ve seen and given her taste when it comes to interiors as well as her own personal style.  The couple has lovingly renovated most of the house from top to bottom.


So I wasn’t surprised  when I got to the third floor, but still impressed at the details.

Can you imagine this was attic space before the renovation?  What a transformation!  And I had to leave the dog bed and basket of toys in the photo because the couple’s dogs are so dear to them.  And don’t be fooled by the shoe display.  That’s just a glimpse at some of her collection!

It’s hard to know where to begin with this story except to start with the fringe.  That champagne colored fringe on the chaise was Glenda’s inspiration for the room. And that’s her beloved Bouvier, “Bou” in his close-up.  After all, he often shares this sanctuary with Glenda.


From there, it blossomed into this luxurious retreat.  Glenda’s long time partner in decorating, designer Jason Arnold helped create the magic.  Glenda says that she’ll have an idea, then Jason surrounds it with his flare, pushing her out of her comfort zone.  When he saw the attic space, she says she could see the wheels turning in his creative mind.

Behind those doors hang some cherished suits, dresses, jeans and yes, more shoes and boots.  Glenda credits one of her dearest friends and partners in shopping crime, Buffy Holcomb at Nordstrom with helping her fill her closet!


She even has a special cedar lined space for Steeplechase hats and a few other things.  This popped up on Facebook and my friend Kathryn sent it to me of us one year at the fundraiser!


The renovation’s trim is custom milled to match the original trim in the rest of the home.  James and Aaron Dunn at Vintage Millworks are the artisans behind this beautiful work.  Glenda says many of the incredible craftsmen have become like family to them over the years.   Mike Abele Contracting and his crew have also been instrumental in their home renovations for ten plus years.  They helped make her vision come together in this space.

I absolutely love the antiqued mirrors on the doors and the brass hardware sets everything off.


The knobs are engraved with their monogram.  Beautiful.

One of Glenda’s favorite things in the room is a petite chair she found at the popular Antiques & Garden Show held each year in Nashville.  It’s the chair her husband says was too expensive and too small to sit in but it tells the story of when her former neighbor, designer Landy Gardner, now deceased, told her, “great find, my dear,” and she thinks of him whenever she sits in that special seat.



I was actually nervous to sit in that precious chair so I just looked at it, and everything else.  Did I mention there’s actually a bar in here too?  Of course. Just in case anyone wants a sip of somethin’.

The lighting is an integral part of any beautiful space, of course, and that wasn’t overlooked here either.  Sources on lighting and many other features in this room will be detailed in my enewsletter later in the month. (you need to subscribe to the blog to receive it)  Lighting and also music. It’s all about the ambiance, right?  I see a girls’ night in here, don’t you?

But it’s the man in her life, her husband Cyrus, who she gives much credit to for getting so many details right and working with contractors when she didn’t have it in her!   It was his idea not to take short cuts and to bring the quarter sawn floors all the way up to the third floor and match the original trim. She says he has an eye for the details that most folks don’t and she loves that about him.  Plus he knew she always wanted a big “freakin’ ” bath tub as well as the dressing room. She got that too.

This is on the second floor, off the master bedroom, but I felt it was part of the story.  Isn’t that a beautiful tub? And her make-up mirror and vanity area is equally gorgeous.

Cyrus has a nice walk-in closet with its own washer and dryer.  Not quite the room his wife has but it’s not too shabby.

There’s so much more to the story of this house, but I must save some of it for later.  Here’s a good tease.  A famous golfer used to live here and she still finds some of his golf balls in the back yard!

Until then, thanks to Glenda for sharing her “closet” with me.  I’m going to insist she invite me back for champagne and trying on a few things in her special retreat.  That is, if Bouvier approves.

   As I mentioned in the article, I’ll be sharing much more in my enewsletter that goes out at the end of the month with details on sources in this feature and others.  Please subscribe by submitting your email in the blue box!

     And be sure to view the video on my home page to see my interview with Glenda and other hidden gems in her dressing room.  


















































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