Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style

What do a former president, a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, and an award winning designer and author have in common?   Try this.

Yes, this retro airstream.  It’s now owned by City Farmhouse designer Kim Leggett and her husband. But they bought it from Sheryl Crow who bought it from someone who bought it from the family of JFK. Yes, if these walls could talk! And it now travels with Kim to City Farmhouse pop-up fairs around the country, including a recent stop near Jackson, Tennessee at White Oak Farms.

Kim and David are planning on some cosmetic changes for the interior which are documented on this poster board inside the airstream.

Kim was signing copies of her book, “City Farmhouse Style” at the fair while shoppers with an affinity for all things vintage strolled around the grounds of the charming White Oak Farms in Medina, Tennessee which is typically home for weddings.

It’s a lovely venue owned by a sweet couple who grew up in the area. Josh and Stephanie Alexander have hosted several City Farmhouse licensed pop-up fairs. Vendors with everything from vintage-inspired cool clothing and jewelry to pottery and antiques bring their wares and stories.

Kim Leggett has lots of stories too.  Many of them are told in her “City Farmhouse Style” book that shows how homeowners in cities from Brooklyn, New York to the Hollywood Hills embrace the country lifestyle look. Kim is one of the featured speakers at the Nashville Home Show coming up September 21-23 at the Music City Center in Nashville. (details about two free tickets I’m giving away at the end of this article!)

Finding something authentic with a story is what Kim is all about. Take this flooring hanging behind her in the booth.  It’s from an 1800’s barn and she’s selling these pieces like crazy.

Kim’s talent is discovering something like this that she can imagine using in a home, whether suspended from the ceiling or as a room divider or hanging on a wall with art on them. She sold out of the first forty she had but found a source and now has more to sell.  See what I mean?  That’s her talent.  I love what Country Living magazine’s Editor- in-Chief Rachel Hardage Barrett says in the foreword to Kim’s book.  “Family heirlooms, cleverly upcycled accents-are intended to connect us with the past. Creaky hardwood floors remind us of those who walked before us, as do the resourcefully repurposed items that decorate our planked walls and open shelves.”

You just know these pieces have stories. But it takes someone with an imagination and appreciation to recognize it or feel a connection.

There was also a booth I was attracted to with two sweet young ladies selling clothing and home accessories.

Fern and Ivy out of nearby Jackson, Tennessee had a charming section at the fair, and I found just the right flannel shirt for this fall. Not an easy sell on a 90 degree day mind you, but I managed to slip it on and it was the perfect fit!

Camp David out of Memphis was another vendor at the fair with alot of good looking newer pieces that would mix well with the farmhouse style.

I’m still thinking about these Asian fabric pillows.  And then there was a chair.

This handsome devil is covered in a swiss army knife fabric.  He would have come home with me if I had the right place.  But alas, I don’t.  I’ll bet someone grabbed him.


I suspect many of these pieces found new homes after the fair.  After all, as Country Living’s Editor-in-Chief says, “An aesthetic movement that not only values but also celebrates all things old, chipped, and weathered is pretty much destined to have longevity.”

As it says in Kim’s book, farmhouse style is the design equivalent of “sit and stay awhile.”  Whether it’s in an airstream with quite the history or a front porch, it’s a way of connecting with the past and maybe slowing down time just a bit.


I’m giving away two free tickets to the Nashville Home Show that’s happening September 21-23 at the Music City Center. To enter to win, just subscribe by going to the small blue box. Then add a comment in the section below that!  I appreciate you reading Stylish Retreats and following me on Instagram!

Photo credit for featured image on home page goes to City Farmhouse Style photographer Alissa Saylor.












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