Home Is Happiness

Home Is Happiness

Home. Our sanctuary. A soft place to land at the end of a crazy day, juggling work, kids and whatever else happens. What better feeling than pulling in the drive, and being greeted by our non judgmental furry family member…


I love seeing Jake at my front door. He makes me smile but I also love a front door that is inviting, with interesting containers, or a wreath. I see so many houses that would have much more personality if they just added one element to personalize their entrance. Sometimes I want to knock on the door and say, let me put some pots our front….pretty please?!?

Let’s face it.  It’s the first impression when someone comes to your home.  So if you don’t have great containers or a handsome Westie like Jake, surely you’ve got something to add pizazz to your entrance!

Of course, there are some houses that don’t need much to get your attention.

One of my all time favorites is this wonderful hideaway in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Forget neutral colors here!



Vibrant and colorful spaces await in Kim Collins’ retreat.  She decorated her home on her own and has such flair. I adore this room.


My girlfriend has a passion for her home, and it shows. That’s the idea behind this blog. To share ideas about creating beautiful spaces in a house to make it a home. I’m not a designer, but a former news reporter who loves houses. I’m lucky to know a lot of people with fantastic homes. What I’d like to share is their passion for home, and how they express that in so many different ways. I also want to get inside the creative minds of some of Nashville’s fabulous designers and architects, and show you their unique touches. What better place to start than my own new house.  Here’s a sneak peak from several months ago.


It has been a fascinating journey over the past year or so. And it wouldn’t have been this pleasant of an experience without the team at Castle Homes taking our vision and bringing it to life…And yes, at times, holding our hands! They say you make about 40,000 decisions when building a house. Whew!!! But it’s all worth it when you see what comes out of the ground.

Next time, I’ll share more pictures and talk to architect Kevin Coffey of Burke Coffey Architecture about his thought process when designing a home. Because home is happiness.

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