Meryll’s nest

Meryll’s nest

She’s co-hosted a popular talk show in Nashville for many years.  Meryll Rose is as comfortable on a television set as she is at home, which is where I got to spend a little time with this super busy woman recently.  We used to see each other fairly often at Newschannel 5 when I worked there. Meryll has been with Talk of the Town almost thirty years and is still going strong.


What you may not know about Meryll is her passion for renovating homes. She and her husband Dan have been flipping houses for decades.   For them, it’s been a hobby and a business.

They purchased the Brentwood home they live in now about three years ago and spent several months moving walls, painting, updating the kitchen and changing light fixtures. Meryll described it as an island style,   “Margaritaville” inspired house.  They’ve transformed it into a lovely sophisticated home.


Meryll calls her style a collected look and prefers classic pieces.  She loves southern living style and Ballard, which sells many french inspired pieces of furniture and accessories.   It may be hard to imagine, but Meryll says this room used to be peach, as was the kitchen and den area.  Just changing the color adds so much depth and richness to the light filled living room.  Another change with big impact was removing ceiling fans and adding two good looking light fixtures.

Dan Elkins, Meryll’s husband, had gorgeous brass rubbings he’d done while living overseas many years ago, and they grace the walls in the living room and foyer.


The den and kitchen were also transformed by removing ceramic tile and adding hardwood floors, along with moving some walls to open the space.  And the light fixtures add so much interest and pizazz. I also love the way she’s placed the table and handsome chairs at an angle between the den area and kitchen.


One of many clever touches is using boxwood wreaths over each window instead of window treatments for a different look.  She will change them at holiday time to Christmas wreaths.


In the kitchen, the previous home owner’s cabinets were much shorter, leaving alot of empty space above them. Meryll added the new taller cabinets, granite countertops, and a cool lantern. Paint colors in this room are Phoenix fossil on the walls and Georgian silver on the ceiling, from Porter Paints.



She found a chest on Craig’s List and used chalk paint to give it new life.


Chalk paint was also used on a favorite centerpiece.


I wondered if Meryll is ready to make more changes since she’s lived here three years, but she says for now, rearranging furniture is about all.


It’s a lovely home with many personal touches.


Her granddaughter Ryman gets to hang out after school sometimes.  A darling little girl with a charming personality.  Maybe a future talk show host?  I love seeing how much Meryll and Dan embrace their home. Their passion shows for their retreat.  Can’t wait to see their next project.

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