Miami vibes

Miami vibes

All eyes will be on Hard Rock Stadium this weekend in Miami for Superbowl 54, but for me, this cultural and ethnically diverse city conjures up other images, taken earlier in January while visiting Keith’s cousin Missy and her husband with our good friends, Beth and Tommy. The Miami I experienced had nothing to do with sports and everything to do with sunshine during the day and sampling diverse cuisine and fashionable venues when the sun went down. First, Chotto Matte Miami.

 My senses were saturated, from the visually stunning atmosphere to the Japanese and Peruvian flavors.    

  Another destination if you’re in the mood for fun and people watching is the Deck at Island Gardens where it’s rumored Lady Gaga may perform Superbowl weekend. It’s a super-yacht marina outdoor lounge where guests can wine, dine and dance the night away. We ate and left before the cool crowd came! 

Cabanas give you a private dining experience.


Besides the constant rhythm of background music is the incredible skyline of the city that knows how to throw a party.


I don’t know if you can see it from this picture (above) but on the tallest building to the right was a dancing woman lit up and moving to the beat of this vibrant city. It was mesmerizing!  I had a fit over the scenery and people watching.

We were fortunate to have very stylish accommodations while in Miami. I can’t begin to imagine what they could charge for renting out this home Superbowl week!!!!!!!

 This Miami Vice style home comes complete with a Don Johnson look alike!!!  All kidding aside, it is a contemporary house that was built in the 1980’s around the time of the crime drama that was such a hit. It’s situated in a gorgeous neighborhood near the water in Key Biscayne.

   What’s so interesting to me is that Missy had this furniture in their New York City home that was quite traditional but it really works here too. I would have such a hard time with art work in a home like this with soaring ceilings, but being an artist, it comes naturally to Missy. In fact, those are her colorful abstracts hanging on the wall.  The panels above those paintings were purchased at an auction in London.

   If you look to the right, you’ll see the pneumatic tube elevator that’s really a different feature! It comes in handy when they want to take dinner up to their cozy loft where they watch tv.

But you haven’t seen the best view yet.

The stunning two story wall of windows with a built in bar that lights up at night gives you a view of the pool and wall of green that beckons visitors to come outside.

  That is actually a ficus hedge that’s grown and provides a privacy wall around the property.  I love the yellow and gray accent pillows she’s used and how she’s created another living space outside. 

You have to see the way it looks at night too.

    How sexy is this pool?!?

  And back inside, there’s that living room step down bar that is illuminated at night. So 1980’s. 

Such a great house for entertaining, which they love to do.  As I walked around their neighborhood, I took a few photos of the homes that caught my eye. This blue gate was so fantastic and the home is on the water. I wanted in there in the worst way!

Of course everything is so much more beautiful when surrounded by palm trees, bougainvillea, and other tropical plants.   And I love arches, so this one caught my attention as well.

 We explored the city and if I may suggest a place for lunch, dinner or drinks, it would have to be The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach.

Talk about lush! From the moment you walk through the lobby, tall hedges greet you with intimate outdoor rooms throughout.

Such an oasis in the city on the water.

And this was our view as the sun set.


  I hear the yachts are rolling in for Superbowl weekend. I’m so glad we were able to see the city before it gets crazy.   Sporting News reporter Tadd Haislop writes, “Though the date and location for the Super Bowl changes every year, the borderline unhealthy fixation on America’s biggest professional sporting event is a constant.”  Yes, it is. And whether you have the hottest ticket in town or not, odds are you’ll be watching, either for the game, J Lo, Shakira or the commercials.  I’ll be watching from a comfortable seat at home, remembering the fun we had!






















  • Missy Dewing
    Posted at 16:13h, 29 January Reply

    Come back soon… love reliving the fantastic memories. You make me fall in love with my new hometown all over again!

  • Terri Merryman
    Posted at 08:57h, 29 January Reply

    One of my favorite places on earth! I loved my time down there, anchoring the news and making life-long friends. Beautiful homes! Paradise!

  • Angela Graham
    Posted at 07:20h, 29 January Reply

    Just fantastic!

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