Modern family touches

Modern family touches

When I first walked into this beauty in Nashville, I really expected a bit more of a traditional home with color and older paintings.

I had expected a gorgeous house like Irene grew up in but this beauty had a different vibe, with more modern touches for a family with two young boys.  It was so fresh and bright.

Irene and Philip had lived in a much smaller cape cod style home for a number of years but with two growing boys, they knew they needed more space. When they found this two year old home on Belle Meade Boulevard, they were ready to take the plunge.  No updating needed except for just a few additions.

The home was built in 2016 by Carbine to sell.  One of the changes Irene and her husband made was tearing out a butler’s pantry in the front of the kitchen to open it up and gain more light and counter space. Local designer Kathryn Berschback helped them with the design and lighting.  They also changed the cabinetry. It was done by Henry’s Cabinets in Shelbyville.

It’s such a bright cheerful kitchen and the lighting! Kathryn had worked with Irene and Philip in their previous home and was instrumental in nudging them toward more modern selections, like these light fixtures.  They are still waiting on other accessories to come in, like new bar stools from Serena and Lily, as well as draperies that will be custom made for the dining room, likely in a white velvet or white taffeta.

They are also planning to reupholster the dining room chairs, maybe with a gray and white velvet stripe fabric on the backs of the chairs.

The wallpaper was Kathryn’s idea. Irene had originally wanted a DeGournay or similar style, but Kathryn persuaded her to do a more modern take on a floral paper.

This paper, from Romo, is a silver and white design with different textures to add interest.  Kathryn says with these sophisticated neutrals, Irene can add any color flowers or china to bring in seasonal color. Part of the original design also included plaster white sconces on the walls, and eventually some artwork.

I  also love the wallpaper in the powder room downstairs.

The living room has pieces from their previous home, including some smashing pink mohair chairs that Kathryn found at the Paris flea market. I am putting my name on the list for these chairs if Irene ever gets tired of them!

It’s my guess that the two young boys don’t get to romp around this room alot, but spend more of their time in a casual den upstairs or in the family’s den off the kitchen downstairs that has more color and may be more forgiving with spills, etc!

They actually added the fireplace to this room.  Otherwise, Irene noted, “how’s Santa gonna get in?!?”

Love the textured coffee table with the shelf below to hide games and more books or magazines.

This is a large room that also has a corner with a pretty table and chairs.

Again, that crisp look with more white painted pieces, and the use of blue throughout the house. The woven chairs around the kitchen table are from Serena and Lily.

Having two sets of stairs is a plus in my book. Having access from the kitchen is so handy, especially with young children so you can hopefully hear what’s going on if their playroom is up, which it is here.  And then there’s the gracious formal foyer with a grand staircase.

So much good looking molding throughout the sophisticated home too.

You’ll notice the symmetry in this room, with a pair of mirrors, dressers, chairs and sconces.  This is such an elegant space but being connected to the other informal rooms makes it feel like a part of the house instead of being further away which I like. Irene also has mixed in pieces that she’s purchased at various on-line stores which I’ll share in my upcoming email in a few weeks. (you need to subscribe to the blog to get it)

Such a wonderful house with great flow, light and different spaces for adults and kids. Aren’t these boys lucky to have this house to grow up in too?!?

My thanks to Irene and Philip for sharing their beautiful home.  Did I mention we’re related through marriage? Yes indeed. So, I’m hoping there will be a family get together at their place in the near future!


Love this picture taken at our old house on Thanksgiving several years ago. Let mom have a sip, will you???  We have so much fun with them. And I’m thrilled they have such a gorgeous place to call home.



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