New in Germantown

New in Germantown

Lisa Gaston and Ken Sack’s Germantown home is a study in contrasts. From rustic old features like this set of doors to sleek cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes throughout their scullery and main kitchens. Scullery refers to a “dirty” or prep kitchen that’s tucked away where you can hide the food and dirty dishes but this one was very clean, complete with a sexy bar at one end. 



And then, there’s the dramatic main kitchen space with light cascading in from every direction that also features cool hanging light fixtures  Lisa found that had been in a World War Two hanger at JFK Airport.

Lisa and Ken built this home in historic Germantown after finding the property that had a condemned house on it. Lisa knows a thing or two about real estate. She’s a managing broker with Parks in the Gulch.

They love the neighborhood and wanted to be able to walk to restaurants and shops and know people living around them. They refer to the style as modern farmhouse and you can see that with the whitewashed wood on the elevated walkway and on various walls, along with the use of wrought iron spindles and light fixtures.

Like yours truly, they are dog lovers and their beloved German Shepherd Riggo has full run of the house! As a side note, he’s named for a former Washington Redskin’s player since Ken is a huge fan.  Lisa says the floors have a finish that is easy to clean up so having a pet is no problem here.

Many pieces of furniture like these sectionals are from Restoration Hardware. And you’ll see a lot of house plants. They are smart to have hired an interior landscaping company to maintain their  figs, birds of paradise and trailing vinca scattered throughout the home.  Green Resources takes care of watering and making sure these plants stay healthy. What a great service. I have to say I’d never heard of interior landscaping!

The couple’s dining room is at the front of the house with many large windows and doors. The billowing curtains soften the space plus add privacy. Designer Jason Arnold who is also a neighbor helped them with choosing the right window treatments for this home.

       The couple continued the use of the old wood along with an antique door from the Edgefield neighborhood as you enter their master suite.

      It’s a dreamy retreat. I would love a fireplace in my bedroom.

  And of course I must give you a sneak peek at their fantastic master bath even though Lisa says she still wants to hang some pictures. It’s pretty without them.

While I’ve shown you the downstairs, you really need to see it from another perspective. It’s quite dramatic.



  The upstairs has several guest rooms and a very cozy sitting area.

  And you see the bookshelves??? There’s more to them than meets the eye.

I love this! They open to reveal a study where Lisa and Ken can work and hide their paperwork! Plus it has more great views of their neighborhood. Speaking of the neighborhood, there’s a very special piece of art in the home done by local artist, Richard Bowers.

It’s done in pencil, featuring the well known water tower in Germantown that Lisa and Ken can actually see from their home. 

When you look at the outside of their home, it’s important to realize they had to work with the Historic Commission on all exterior choices for the home like brick color, walkways, windows, etc.



   And if you thought the inside of the home was interesting, there’s a surprise in back.

Yes. Riggo and her parents have a pool and a guest house too. How fantastic is this?!? 

And Riggo also has his own turf run on one side of the house designed just for his needs.

  I must say it’s an appealing lifestyle in the heart of historic Germantown. Convenience, style and comfort. They’ve created an oasis for themselves, Riggo and relatives who visit their stylish retreat.

Lisa and Ken would like to give credit to the following talented people who helped in their home building journey; Architect John Root, Carpenter Sergio Carney, Plumber Arthur Smotherman,  Landscape Designer Outdoor Ink, Landscape Contractor Scott Bonner, Pool Contractor Randy Hesse, Mid South Fence, Jason Arnold Design, Nashville Sheet Metal, Magic Painting and Preservation Station.






























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