Project Redesign

Project Redesign

Hi everybody!!! This post will be different because it’s about much more than style.  It has everything to do with kindness and helping others who don’t have the resources to shop for their homes or even in transition without a home.  That’s where Project Redesign comes to the rescue!!! Their motto; changing lives one room at a time.  


How nice is this?!?  This was done for Safe Haven. Such nice pieces that transformed the space, from the rug, to the dresser, lamps and sofa.  And I would say it’s stylish too!

Here’s another view of the same room.  It’s so warm and cozy.  What Project Redesign does is collect donations of gently-used furniture and household items as well as cash donations to help families who have been experiencing homelessness and are getting back on their feet.  Safe Haven is one of the organizations they’ve joined forces with to give families a sense of home and well being.

They also work with Magdelene House and Mending Hearts that assist women in crisis. In addition,  Project Redesign helps centers with their communal rooms and in-house bedrooms, furnishing hundreds of rooms in the past decade.  Here are photos of what they did at St. Luke’s last fall.

This is BEFORE they did their magic in the St. Luke’s receiving room.

And this is AFTER.

What a difference.  The light fixtures, the sofas, larger table and chairs with pops of color, and fresh flowers make it feel more like a home instead of an office.   They even painted the brick hearth!  Here are a few more examples of rooms they’ve done.


So many of us have pieces of furniture we’d like to pass along ’cause we’re ready to update our homes.  Maybe your kids don’t want your stuff, but think what a difference it could make in someone’s else’s life.  You know how good it makes you feel when you walk into your own home, full of creature comforts.  We sometimes forget that many others don’t have that luxury or have been forced into unforeseen circumstances and need a helping hand to get back on their feet.  Having a cozy and pretty bedroom isn’t a given for everybody, but with these donated items, it can be reality for our neighbors in need.


Take a look at all the good pieces here!!!

Suzanne Snyder, Karen Moore, Ellie Billington and Alison Douglas started the organization back in 2008 and Sarah Fleming joined them later.  It started as an adjunct program of the Martha O’Bryan Center.

Their primary focus was the James Cayce Homes, Nashville’s largest and most at-risk public housing development.   Now the ladies work with the groups I mentioned above, plus Thistle Farms, End Slavery and St. Luke’s. They’ve renovated many communal rooms for the Salvation Army, The YW’s Domestic Violence Center, Stratford High School’s Top Floor, as well as apartments for Mending Hearts, Issac Litton Middle School’s after-school activity room and Matthew 25. Currently they work with 10 non-profit organizations.

Now they’re in the process of moving out of their five small storage units into one large warehouse.

If you’d like to help during this season when we give thanks for what we have, I’ll provide contact information below.  I’m so very grateful for a home that is warm and inviting and so much more.  Thanks to Project Redesign for helping many of our fellow Nashvillians have that feeling.

Suzanne says they never have everything they need for a complete redesign so they buy to help fill in, mostly bedding and mattresses.  That’s where you can help with cash donations. Or they’re always looking for volunteers. For more information, go to  Contributions are tax deductible;  Their address is Project Redesign, P. O. Box 159276, Nashville, Tn. 37215.

Helping others is always in style.

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