Rayna’s house in “Nashville”

Rayna’s house in “Nashville”

If you’re a fan, you will recognize this house from the hit television show “Nashville” immediately.


Yes, yours truly got a tour from top to bottom of Rayna James’ home recently but sorry to break it to you. She and Deacon were not home during stylish retreat’s visit.  But the real homeowner was there.

I had been to the home before for different parties, but never had the opportunity to see almost every room in this 20,000 square foot house.  Sylvia Roberts has lived here eighteen years and has been so gracious, hosting more fundraisers than I can begin to mention in this short article.  So it was fun for me to really be able to look around and take in all the gorgeous details.  I must start with the view when you walk in the front door looking through to the magnificent staircase.



The massive columns, stonework, wide plank floors, and sconces create a dramatic foyer and when you climb up the stairs, you have quite a view looking back down.



How fitting that a painting of  Clark Gable hangs at the top of those stairs.  Sylvia is a big fan of “Gone With the Wind,” as many of us are.

But I have to say that the house, despite its size, is very warm.  Perhaps that’s because on this day, anyway, there was a buzz of activity in the kitchen.


Sylvia’s long time cook, Nana, was busy preparing one of her specialties and it smelled divine.  This is where you’re used to seeing the actors hanging out on the show.


A sound stage where they’ve recreated some of Sylvia’s house for the show is where many of the scenes are shot, but the actors and crew were at her home recently working on a segment for the new season of “Nashville,” now airing on CMT.

In the real house, there’s a space they call the cigar room that has a fireplace mantle previously owned by the famous designer, Versace.



This is such a warm inviting room with the wood paneled walls, horn candle holders, antiques, and so many other interesting accents. The day I visited was sunny and it just felt good, like a place to curl up with a good book.  In the evening, a glass of wine or nightcap might be in order in this room.


Another more intimate space was the study across the hall.


Then there’s the larger family room near the kitchen which is where the twenty foot high Christmas tree stood.



Sylvia always has live flowers and plants throughout the house.   Someone has a green thumb.



The home was built by Will Andrews.  Well known designer Mary Spalding worked with Sylvia on the interior. Many of the antiques throughout the home came from the private collection of Sylvia’s uncle, Dr. Ben Caldwell.  Her cousin Ben’s beautiful copper and antler pieces are also scattered about the home.


The master bedroom has been featured in the show many times.


Producers have changed the look of the master for the show so it doesn’t look like this if you’re watching these days.


I think it’s important to note that this is a lived in house, and not just a show place.  One of the people who works for Sylvia told me the family uses the entire home and it felt that way. Another example of that is the theatre room where they watch movies. It also has a mini castle complete with bunk beds inside. What a dreamy spot for kids!



And for the adults, there’s a special place to sample wine. It goes without saying, this is no ordinary wine cellar.



Yet another place to entertain.

And even though it isn’t the season for the pool to be open, I must show you that space which has seen its share of fabulous parties to be sure.

P1020098   I realize this is a bit of a tease but I hope to get invited back in the summer and get better pictures to share of this shangril-la.  The home was on the market for 19.5 million dollars, but is not listed as of this post.  However, if you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, wedding or other large party and looking for a venue, this estate is available to rent.


Songwriters and performers alike have performed at Robert’s home, raising money for many charities, including Second Harvest Food Bank.  From Jackson Browne to Paul Simon and Jo Dee Messina,  and from Jeffrey Steele to Craig Wiseman and Chuck Cannon, the list goes on and on of spectacular talent that have shared their gifts to help others. It’s a home with a heart that is not only beloved by fans of the show, but by the many charitable organizations who have been able to benefit because of a homeowner who opens her doors.  Thanks to Sylvia for sharing her home with Nashville, the city, and with fans of the show, “Nashville.”

If you’re interested in renting this home for your event, Sylvia has shared her phone number with us;  615-522-2250. And if you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends and family.  Thanks for reading!


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