Rock Island retreat

Rock Island retreat


Let’s face it.  Our lives are full of noise and distractions every minute. Phone calls, texts, email, along with the constant hum of  traffic or television.  We’re used to it.  But when we have the chance to unplug and unwind, the simplicity of a dock on the water can be so inviting and peaceful.

   Anyone fortunate enough to have a second home on the water knows how lucky they are, but it’s also alot of work hauling food and other supplies back and forth to a lake or river or beach house!  But it’s so worth it when you get there. The common refrain is, “Ahhhhhhhh.”  There’s just something about the water and its calming effect.

     My friend Melody Cates invited me to her piece of paradise just before the 4th of July so I could get a taste of their retreat on the river.

Her family’s place is about two hours east of Nashville at Rock Island Farms, tucked in the gorgeous rolling hills where three rivers, the Rocky, Caney Fork and Collins meet. It was developed by Neal Clayton and another developer back in the 1980’s, with 5 acre lots sold mostly to friends from the Nashville area. It’s a tight knit community with only about two dozen homes.

When Melody built her home in 2007, she wanted a rustic retreat where kids in wet bathing suits and dogs could congregate without causing much damage.

The home they call “Green Meadows,” is a welcoming, open house with a huge kitchen, and white oak flooring throughout, along with wood paneled walls and ceilings.  The inspiration for the color palette of the house was the round kitchen table.

It really anchors the space and I love how she painted the chairs to add pops of red, blue and yellow to the large area. Other personal touches include an antique phone from her sister-in-law and a collection of toile trays.

You also have to love the special guest bathroom vanity, courtesy of a well known Tennessee whiskey.

The main den is also very comfortable and colorful with a cowhide she bought at a fundraiser for Harding Academy held at Ronnie Dunn, of Brooks and Dunn’s home.  This hide was used as a table cloth at the event!

Melody says they use the house almost every weekend in the summer and the fireplaces must come in handy during the winter and fall months when they celebrate holidays here.  The second fireplace is on the screened in porch, which is super charming.

It comes with a very comfy daybed swing which could be a perfect place to nap.  And then there are what Melody describes as their “redneck” porch lights!

Of course, in my opinion, every lake or river house needs a dog, and this one has Mae Mae, Melody’s daughter’s dog who is a sweetie.  She cozied up to me during my short visit which I loved.

She also showed me where she likes to sleep.  Not bad, huh?  Love the stained wooden walls in here.

Rock Island is a very safe community to walk in, where everyone knows each other and kids can run around and no one worries too much.   We enjoyed some time down by the water at the end of the afternoon with Mae Mae.

But the boat ride we hoped to take was canceled due to threatening storms so that will have to wait til next time. It was a short and very sweet stay at Green Meadows.  I appreciate the hospitality Melody showed me, and hope to get back for a longer visit, maybe a boat ride, and definitely a jump off the dock’s high dive the next time!

And I look forward to a nap under the red solo cup lights on this wonderful porch!

Thanks again to Green Meadows for a fun visit.  Stylish Retreats is always willing to travel for a good story!
























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