Walking on magic.

Walking on magic.



Yes, those are my feet.  Standing on a rug that I covet.  First saw it when I went out to scout the location for my next Stylish Retreats story.  The location;  redo home + design on Sidco Drive in Nashville.  I wanted to do a post on rugs and choosing the right rugs for your home to make it beautiful, and of course stylish.

I am loving these vintage overdyed  rugs you may have seen more of recently.


Redo designer Lori Paranjape, spent some time talking to me about selecting rugs and working with clients to achieve a look and feel that’s built around a lifestyle.

She says there’s high end and low end in everything she does, which is summed up in her group’s philosophy of being  a ” black Target dress with Jimmy Choo shoes. ” Don’t you love that approach?  Anotherwords, put your money in a timeless piece, but don’t be afraid to mix in less expensive accessories.  People will notice the overall look and not pick apart what’s pricey and what isn’t.

Case in point;


Paige Rumore Photography Design by Lori Paranjape

In this space, Lori went with a broadloom piece of carpet that was cut to size for the large room, then layered a fur rug over it, so the attention goes to the showstopper on top, the fur.   The same can be done with vintage rugs, where you spend more for the dazzle, and less on the larger piece underneath.


The layered look is a clever way to get the impact and color on the top, kind of like when we dress ourselves with multiple layers.

When you’re going to drop some serious cash on more of an investment piece, Lori likes to spend it on timeless rugs, like persians, oushaks and kilims.




Paige Rumore Photography Design by Lori Paranjape

Runners are where you can really play and have some fun.  Lori suggests those are the pieces that can be the dazzlers and easily moved around the house if you tire of the look that’s popular at the moment.  Just don’t break the budget on those purchases.

While hanging out at redo, I learned that the overdyed rugs go through quite a process to get the unique look.  Electric sanders are used on older rugs, then they are bleached in the sun, and then overdyed to get the final product.  And something else to consider; you are being “green” when buying an overdyed vintage rug because technically, you are recycling an older rug.


The rust and brown rug below wasn’t dyed, but is simply  worn and distressed from old father time.  It can stand up to heavy traffic from pets and kids.


Lori says her design style has evolved over time.  The girl who loved chintz in its heyday, and decorating with her mother as a young girl, now loves a preppy chic look in her own home.  When working with a client, she says she’s massaging and evolving and curating a look for overall polish. Like below.  Isn’t the rug fantastic in that space?


Paige Rumore Photography Design by Lori Paranjape

IMG_3950     Another observation from Lori as she approaches home design with a client.  “If you were a home come to life, this is how you would look.”  So let your house reflect who you are, and how you live.

Thanks to Lori for sharing her talent and love of design!




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