Why I love my kitchen.

Why I love my kitchen.

      This is a brand new feature I’m starting that I hope will encourage my readers to participate in. This week, the topic is kitchens. I want you to tell me why you love yours, by sending me a few pictures of the things that make your kitchen stylish and functional, whether it’s your countertops, a light fixture or your dishes!  But you have to include one picture of you, your spouse or kids, etc. in your space that I can use in my next article. I’ll give you an example by showing you my own kitchen.

There are many things I love about our kitchen but besides my husband Keith, my favorite thing would be our open shelves you see in the background.  We’ve only been in our new house about seventeen months, built by Castle Homes, but the kitchen is finally coming together. I love the simplicity of open shelves. Yes, you need to keep them neat since there are no doors, but it’s a rustic European look that I adore.  By the way, Keith was making a sauce for his artichoke hearts in this shot.  He makes such a mess but it’s always worth it! 

The shelves are a collection of functional items that we use every day, like drinking glasses, coffee cups and cutting boards, then there are the upper shelves that have things I just like to look at, like the wooden pig,  the pitcher I found at Anthropologie and an antique basket that was my grandmother’s.

Something else I love in the kitchen design is the wire on the upper cabinets.  We have a few pieces of silver in one of them and there’s lighting so it highlights those areas at night.

So this is what I want from you, my readers. Just email me your photos and a few sentences about why you love your kitchen and I’ll select my favorites and post them.  Please include where you purchased your favorite things too, if you remember.     Amy@stylishretreats.com.   Look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and one more favorite; my waving solar queen.  Always a delight.



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