Why they love their kitchens!

Why they love their kitchens!

Two creative friends of mine sent me pictures of their kitchens and why they love them.   First, decorative painter Robin Campbell, who faux painted our previous home’s kitchen cabinets which transformed the space. She’s quite good  (with a quick wit as well).  I’ll include her contact info. at the end of the blog.

Robin:  I love my kitchen for so many reasons, and not one of them has to do with the ability to cook a delicious yet nutritious meal! I decided long ago that until I could gut it and build my dream kitchen, it would stay as is.  This attitude has served me well as the mother of a “spirited” three and a half year old. I’m not bothered by the fact that my dishwasher appears to have been shot at, and I happily scotch tape artwork directly onto the doors!

Amy:  Who wouldn’t love a kitchen with a grinning child like this?!? And the creative tablescape.

Robin:  I adore my breakfast table. I recently traded a delicate drop leaf for this sturdy English pine table and it is the epicenter of our home. Art projects, paperwork, samples for clients and laundry management all happen here!

(Pine table from Pembroke Antiques)

Henry was the perfect model for this photo shoot by his mom.  His special plate is from Corzine & Co.

And Henry loves to share a meal with his hungry buddies, Finn and Bella.

How precious is this indoor cafe set-up, not to mention the chef with his eager diners!!!


The  next kitchen belongs to Sadhna and Jim Williams. Sadhna is an interior designer who started her business Alabaster & Walnut with a friend, and I’ve featured her home in Stylish Retreats in the past.

Sadhna:  Family meals in the kitchen…highs and lows of the day shared here.  ( Kitchen table made by Herndon and Merry, Kitchen sconces by Suzanne Kasler for Visual Comfort)

Amy:  Have had many good times in this kitchen.  Adore her use of family photos and cards under the glass top table too.  Going to copy this idea somewhere.


Chopping board made by hubby,  Jim Williams, for daily fruit fill.

Sadhna:  Cookbook collection in a spot where I can make my grocery list.  (cookbook storage handcrafted by Van Williams)

Sadhna:  Easy access to my kitchen porch for snacks, lunches, weeknight dinners, happy hour whenever the weather suits.   ( Table handcrafted by Jim Williams)

Sadhna:  Cocktail time at the ready for impromptu gatherings.  ( Cocktail bar handcrafted by Van Williams, Cocktail shaker, wine carafe, shot glasses, scotch glasses, oval box, stirring spoons, coasters all by Match Pewter)



Thank you Robin and Sadhna for sending your pictures.  I’ve been in both and feel the love!  


Sources:   Contact Robin thru email: robin@robincampbelldesigns.com.

Sadhna can be reached through her web site; alabasterwalnut.com or on Instagram;  @alabasterwalnut.



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